Friday, January 30, 2009

The "New Synthesis"

Between two worlds life hovers, like a star

twix night and morn upon the horizon's verge

how little do we know that which we are

how less what we may be... (Byron)

The "New Synthesis"


Wallace (Wolf) Shanbrom

(2-9 CE)

The main theme of my No. 2, 3, and 4 Manuscripts is pro "wilderness" and anti "civilization" (Tho I "explore" some multicultural and interdisciplinary pros and cons positions relative to above theme). With all my writings intended as parodies of civilization save THE ABOVE TWO FORCES ARE ON A LIKELY COLLISION COURSE OF UNKNOWN RESULTS (guess who wins) even if coexistence is attempted by us.

All four of these manuscripts are in the Burton Historical Collection (BHC) at the Detroit (Main) Public Library in Detroit, Michigan in folders under my above name... but only used there as refrences... with my No. 4 Manuscript forthcoming to them (BHC).

Also there are other personal documents in BHC including about some of my earlier experiences as "student", in world-travel, as "teacher", and as activist.

Hopefully this web-site will help facilitate some reflection and communication... including via the possibly UNIVERSAL language of intra and inter species and "entities"... ESP...

For ex. "I hear the Earth singing on its spindle the sacred incantations of the celestial spheres- do you?" (Linn Barnes)


"Hello, my name is Wolf and I am in recovery from civilization....AHOOOOOOOOO!!!"

(And I know I'm "COMPOS MENTIS" cause when I went to a psychiatrist

and said the woman I'm with believes she is a chicken and he said why not turn

her in I said I can't cause we need the eggs)

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