Friday, January 30, 2009

The "New Synthesis" 2-09 ce

The "New Synthesis"
Wallace (Wolf) Shanbrom

1. Selected Talks and Writings on Synthesis
Wallace (Wolf) Shanbrom (1976 ce)

(There are three other writings of mine On a New Synthesis Maxtrix named
below that update -including thier form and Content the above number 1...
and all 4 manuscripts are inedited- self published writings.)

2. The Phoenix and The Dove and The New Synthesis Manifesto
Wallace (Wolf) Shanbrom
(late 1900's CE)

3. And I Thought We Were Here To Learn
Thank You We Will Anyway-Enter The New Synthesis
Wallace (Wolf) Shanbrom
(early 2000's CE)

4. The Circle of Multidimensional Wild Nature qua the Sacred and Profaned
An Introduction (A Dummy Savant's Interpretation)
Wallace (Wolf) Shanbrom
(2008 CE)

But just when I learned what may have been all the answers all the questions may have changed!!!

So when the mushroom asked the woman will you go on a date with me the woman expressed
I do not date other species... The mushroom responded but I'm a Fun-Gi (Guy)!

[if interested see my play (within a play) on this theme entitled:  "Playing the Cosmic Game of Hide and Seek- A Prologue to an Unfinished Drama" (written by me in the early 198o's).  also located at BHC used there only as reference... a sequel to it is literally a work in progress!]

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